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- To cater to savvy consumers for the health care market place - To go beyond the sound bytes, and carefully evaluate research for our audience         - To evaluate unconventional healing methods without being judgmental or biased                - To facilitate dialogue between consumers and the health care providers

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A gallon of bottled water can cost more than six dollars- more than twice the price of (insanely expensive) gas. More
Some of these tools could create PHRs that are excruciatingly fancy and impractical from a health providers stand point. More
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Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition characterized by irregular heart beat and increased risk of stroke for the people afflicted by it. More
Most of us are not as aggressive about seeking medical attention for stroke as we are for chest pain. More
Avandia and heart- I do not know how much of the publicity for this trial results is driven by stick-it-to-the-man factor rather than real concern for our health More
Do I need antibiotics when I go to my dentist? Some major changes in recommendations
Several people around us are still unaware of these cheap prescription options. Help them learn
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 Going Beyond the Sound Bytes

Celexa, depression and heart disease
Can 10 cents be equal to 15,000 dollars?
Potential overuse or misuse of diagnosis of heart failure
Preventing death in heart patients
Understanding P.A.D.
Strengthening the damaged heart
Can a heart murmur kill me?
Preventing recurrent stroke with a cholesterol lowering medicine. An Aug. 10, 2006 study
The NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Program) updated guidelines issued in 2001 Read More...
Does CRP hold key to the heart disease problem?   Read More...

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From 4 to 4.30 PM (mountain time) every Wednesday, you can now listen to and participate in this popular radio show on heart and healthcare issues. You can call with questions or comments toll-free



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Our Views on News

Is diet soda just flavored water? More
A study on EKG abnormalities-1 PUTS

COURAGE trial says that in case of many patients with blocked arteries, stents may be no better than medicines- 4 PUTS 

Oxidation reactions cause wear and tear and aging of our body; anti-oxidants should help this problem- a great concept that fails to gain support

Lung cancer continues to remain a disease with dismal prognosis. There is a need for some easy, reliable test that will diagnose this disease in the early stage. What about a breath test?

Can you psyche yourself into feeling better? Part II


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Custom Made Medicine

Younger South Asians are having heart attacks
Heart disease symptoms in women
The BiDil saga
For the safety of your children

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Mission and Challenges
Learn about drug-herb interactions

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